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New Year resolution

Happy New year to all

I have promised not to make any resolutions, but this I think I’ll do and share it with you.

Last few weeks I have been setting up #emacs #orgmode for my personal and work related stuff. My goal is to have everything in the org files what’s important to me.

I have tried to use it few times earlier, but now I’m committed to this.
I know already how to use the markup language, schedules, agenda and #todo so basics are covered, but every day I find out how much more can be done with it.

Still to learn how to make nice reports of different things.

#selfimprovement #betterme #year2022 #newme #gtd

My searx instance’s onion address is now updated to v3 address because just published Tor Browser 11 doesn’t support #Tor v2 addresses any more

Searx instance address is

and Onion address

Please feel free to use 😀

#searx #Tor #privacy #Torv3 #onionrouting

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Testing #friendica mastodon API from toot cli. Friendica seems to be quite compatible with quite many mastodon clients already. Still continuing the testing