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My searx instance’s onion address is now updated to v3 address because just published Tor Browser 11 doesn’t support #Tor v2 addresses any more

Searx instance address is

and Onion address

Please feel free to use 😀

#searx #Tor #privacy #Torv3 #onionrouting

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Computer problems

Apparently my laptop has panic attacks and sleeping problems. This was waiting for me this morning
panic(cpu 0 caller 0xfffffe002de2ab7c):
Sleep transition timed out after 35 seconds while calling power state change callbacks.
Debugger message: panic

#nerdjoke #funny #computerproblems #MacBookProM1

Testing #friendica mastodon API from toot cli. Friendica seems to be quite compatible with quite many mastodon clients already. Still continuing the testing