Got my #solokey V2 today. It has NFC and interchangeable USB.

#mfa #FIDO2 #security #OpenSource

The apologetic note is adorable. They forgot my extra silicone cases.

My searx instance’s onion address is now updated to v3 address because just published Tor Browser 11 doesn’t support #Tor v2 addresses any more

Searx instance address is

and Onion address

Please feel free to use 😀

#searx #Tor #privacy #Torv3 #onionrouting
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Netflix show about the murder of Olof Palme

I think I have to watch this before making more opinions
#Netflix #sweden #TrueCrime

Netflix has ‘solved’ the Olof Palme murder. Not everyone in Sweden is convinced.

Everyone from the CIA to the PKK to apartheid South Africa has been blamed for the murder of Sweden's most popular leader. The answer may be a lot more simple.

Computer problems

Apparently my laptop has panic attacks and sleeping problems. This was waiting for me this morning
panic(cpu 0 caller 0xfffffe002de2ab7c):
Sleep transition timed out after 35 seconds while calling power state change callbacks.
Debugger message: panic

#nerdjoke #funny #computerproblems #MacBookProM1

Verifying myself: I am mraitisoja on Keybase.io. -voaBmV0FIAzx8UAiJ2QkMgS_6XOarcRqQym / keybase.io/mraitisoja/sig…

Apple has OTP client built-in with new beta versions of the password program.
You can find it in iOS, ipadOS and MacOS beta settings.

Also screenshotting the password entry on iOS nicely hides password and OTP code automatically.

#ios15 #macOS12Monterey #iPadOS15

Testing #friendica mastodon API from toot cli. Friendica seems to be quite compatible with quite many mastodon clients already. Still continuing the testing


Nutsku having nice time in warm balcony

Cats (x)
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